4 Effective Strategies For Reducing Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is considered an important piece of information when it comes to not only website traffic analytics but also SEO. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who visit one article or one page on a website but then don’t visit any other page before leaving. There is a belief that bounce rate does have an impact on SEO with the most important part being getting a bonus for having a lower bounce rate than the competition.

Even if you’re not worried about search engine optimization (SEO), lowering a bounce rate means you have more visitors who are seeing more of your content and more of your pages and blog posts. If your bounce rates are less than ideal, improving them can only help your business to succeed.

Here are 4 powerful strategies to help reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Add an Introductory Video

A good introduction video not only helps move up your average visit time and time spent on site, but it tends to draw visitors in and make them curious about your website and who you are. Not only are they more likely to check out that page, but if you invite them to look around or check out a special page on your website, you’ll get a lot more visitors spending some time on more than one page.

Beautiful & Eye Catching Photo Near the Top

Many people don’t think about beautiful photographs as having a major impact, but if you go a step above and beyond the basic stock photos that so many people use, then you will get attention from visitors. Truly great photographs will also make many individuals look through your posts to see more.Include some at the end of a post, and have them link to other posts. It’s an easy way to keep site visitors engaged and entice them to spend some time searching through your site.

Avoid “Instant Turn-Offs”

There are certain things that make visitors leave quickly. Pop up ads, slow loading time and small or difficult to read fonts are just a few small factors that make a huge difference in how much people love or hate a website. If your load times are slow, consult with a professional to find ways to speed them up. If your site is consumed by pop-up adds, reduce or eliminate them now. If your fonts are very small, lightly colored, sitting on too similar backgrounds or otherwise difficult to read, invest some time in redesigning your site. Eliminating these instant turn-offs can definitely improve your overall bounce rate quickly and present your site in a more professional, authoritative manner.

Take Advantage of “Recommended Content”

Why not recommend content? Whether you do it on a sidebar, at the very end of your blog post or both, deciding to take the extra step of offering recommended content is probably the easiest way to encourage visitors who already like your blog posts (or are at least interested in your content) and get them to visit some more. This is a killer strategy for reducing a website’s bounce rate.

In Conclusion

These four strategies are some of the most powerful ones out there for improving your user engagement and reducing the immediate bounce rate off of your website. Take advantage of them, and enjoy the benefit that comes with having a good looking website that pulls customers in and gets them to stick around.

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