It’s just a brochure, right? Well…. depending on what you are planning to do with it, sure! A brochure may be folded the

same, but who gets what type of brochure is almost a science. Direct-mail brochures, sales support brochures, inquiry

response brochures, leave-behind brochures and point-of-sale brochures all have their own place and purpose, getting

the right one in the right hands is the science. But if you get the right brochure type to the correct place, they can be one

of the most effective marketing tools.


At Web Tech Solutions, we can help you with all of your brochure needs! We can format your brochures so you can

mail one, hand one out, email it or even attach it to your website in an easily accessible pdf. We can have your

brochure made in a traditional tri-fold style, a single page leaflet, made into a custom fold-out, a triangle or even a circle.

Just use your imagination, or use ours!

Contact us today for a new Brochure design!